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While marching towards our goal, we want to develop a corporate culture that is focused on customer, teamwork, speed and agility and accountability. We do not want to merely satisfy our customers, we want to delight them at every step of their interaction with us.

We have a clear vision for the future and part of that vision is to establish deep and lasting relationships with education providers across India and overseas to reach our mutual objectives of career mapping and development for our partners. This vision incorporates training, information sharing and knowledge distribution at all levels. This unique vision and understanding defines our point of difference and is the benchmark of our success and our client’s success. We are dedicated to the personal and professional development of individuals and the growth, efficiency and profitability of our partners.  We hold the knowledge, the experience and a vast network of Global Education providers who will ensure that you get the best professional solutions within the area of education and training.

We are a team of 30+ professionals passionate about enhancing educational outcomes and achieving better results for our partner schools in several states of the country. We have school project Consultants, Academicians, Recruiters, Trainers, Architects, Brand Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Software Engineers, Chartered Accountants and a large selection of school suppliers at our disposal to deliver complete spectrum of services and make certain your experience of school enterprising with us is an exemplary one.

Education India addresses the needs and concerns of school Educators and function as a one stop window for all the needs of the school.

Right from advising you on feasibility of your dream project, to actually getting it established till revenues start rolling in! Just read the small case below to get a clearer picture on what Education India can do for you. You have dream up a world-class educational institution. And you want this dream to be realized – fast, sure, cost- effectively and without disturbing you in your current engagements. Education India enters the scene. We develop the complete project plan – including viability and feasibility reports, 10 years projection, researched advice on statutory approvals and recognition, suggestions on grants and aids possible and a detailed Project Implementation Program.

  • We begin creating your Brand Identity and start subtle and discreet promotion of your institution among key stakeholders.
  • We strategically define education programs that are revenue-centric and yet unique and value-adding for the society.
  • We engineer curricula, design organization structure, recruit faculty and staff, define academic quality parameters, and design administrative systems and processes.
  • We develop and implement strategic marketing and sales programs and help you conduct admissions for your very first session.
  • Your dream institution has started its life. Without the usual trials and tribulations In fact, we continue to remain associated with your institution and work on its brand and operations so that you can expand fast and successfully, if you want – say – by taking the franchising route. We actually handhold you throughout this complex expansion process. Of course, we are there to help you out in all other problems you may have in the running of your institution.
  • The uniqueness of our consulting firm is a total multiphase and multidimensional solution in the educational industry which none other in this sector provide. Also we assist our clients in each of the above areas by building a continuous lifetime relationship for managing existing as well as new educational institutions.
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